Tuesday, August 23, 2011

20. August, Ristna, 4.4 Pure

The forecast was good, but very strange direction for the wind - NE. It was really weird to jump on star-board tack. I havent done it for years. Anyway, lately i got my new gaastra pure's and i cannot believe how good these sails are. Just sooooo much power and soooooo light. These sails came back from the future! I sailed about two hours and landed my first back loop on star-board. Going out it was really hard to do some moves, for example konos. It was really choppy water and very hard to duck the sail. Nevertheless i landed alot of konos and also burners coming in. Was really fun to sail after a long time!

After we came out and went to the other side of the island to eat something. Suddenly i heard waves breaking farther. We went to check the waves and the view was unbelievable. I have never seen waves that are soo glassy and good looking. 10 minutes after Penny saw the waves, he was already in his wetsuit and in the water. it seemed like he had a lot of fun. The reason i didnt get wet was the cold water and air temperature :). After fuerte it just feels so cold here in estonia. Anyway thank you guys for that sick trip! Surf House, you guys rule, thank you for the best sails in the world!!!!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Canary Islands, Fuerteventura PWA

Slowride crew arrived to fuerte already in the middle of june. The plan was to train as much as we can before the competition to get top results. Mostly we trained the newschool stuff, such as kabikuchi, burner, kono etc. It was a lot of fun to stay on fuerteventura for so long because it was everyday windy and warm. The main spot for us was the lagooon. Sometimes it got pretty shallow but anyway it was flat :D.

On July the 22th the PWA started. We were happy because all of the estonians got registered without the qualification rounds! In the first single elimination i went against Remko de Zeeuw and i beat him, but the next opponent was the 2011 world champion Steven van Broeckhoven. Believe me, he is not easy to beat, so i lost the heat. After the single we started the double and the first opponent was Jamie Drummond from UK. I made a really bad heat, but luckily i won the heat ! Next heat was against Loick Spicher from Switzerland, whom i beat as well! Last heat of the day was against Antony Ruenes from France. In the heat i made burner on the way out, double puneta, double shaka, funnels and so on. But unfortunately it wasnt enough to beat Antony. Anyway i managed to get a semi good place in the competition :D, as i finished 17th. Now it feels really weird to be in estonia, but soon off to Sardegna!!!! Also soon the last PWA event in Sylt takes place, so see you there!